Announcing the completion of meta-ros Milestone 17

Milestone 17 was completed on 2022-06-05. It add support for the ROS distro releases current at the middle of November 2021, for webOS OSE v2.14.0, and for OpenEmbedded release series branches as of the beginning of December 2021, including kirkstone as it was then. It also reduces the support for ROS 2 dashing and OpenEmbedded gatesgarth to “best-effort”, and drops support for OpenEmbedded zeus.

A new revision 52 of Superflore OE Recipe Generation Scheme updated for this has been published. Its change log is here. A “rich diff” of the changes made since the previous revision is here.

A shout out to @robwoolley for doing the verification builds and running the sanity tests: thanks!

@kuta42, I’m sorry but this is very confusing. Release notes say:

OpenEmbedded honister has been released. Finalize support for building all current ROS distros with it. [master] now targets kirkstone. As of 2021-06-08, gatesgarth is EOL, so reduce support for it to “best effort” as per Policies. Drop support for zeus (this could have happened as far back as 2021-02).

When looking at the honister and master branches I can tell:

  • master
    • Only claims support for foxy and galactic (and ROS 1 melodic and noetic)
    • :x: no rolling, nor humble
    • switched to kirkstone
  • honister:
    • Only claims support for foxy and galactic (and ROS 1 melodic and noetic)
    • :x: no rolling, nor humble

Can you kindly comment on the following please:

  • what are the actual additions in Milestone 17 (there were previously working honister branches for foxy and galactic)? Updating the recipes of those distros using superflore?
  • why didn’t this Milestone consider open PRs such as ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill - honister branch by vmayoral · Pull Request #1003 · ros/meta-ros · GitHub enabling humble against honister?
  • why is master moving to kirkstone if we haven’t even gotten right honister (and I know it’s EOL, but still, shouldn’t we be coherent?)

Also, can you please clarify if LG is putting resources to continue maintaining this? It seems like you guys are still intending to make releases.

@vmayoral All Milestone 17 changes except the README updates were all merged December 2021, the last few PRs just formally updated READMEs to finally close Milestone 17.

That’s why it contains ROS distro upgrades only until November 2021 as listed in:

e.g. rolling from 2021-11-11

And that’s why it didn’t support humble yet, but it did support rolling across all OE releases (dunfell, gatesgarth, hardknott, honister, kirkstone) as it was in November 2021, rolling got broken after that as mentioned in the announcement.

Master moved to kirkstone, because honister support is in honister branch. And it’s not the latest honister and kirkstone wasn’t released yet at that time, so it built against honister and master branches as of November 2021, see the build branch in meta-ros which documents exactly which revision of all the layers were used.

For final kirkstone there are few more changes needed, see Kirkstone fixes by moto-timo · Pull Request #1009 · ros/meta-ros · GitHub

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LG is no longer supplying resources to maintain meta-ros. I no longer work for LG; I did the work to wrap up Milestone 17 as a favor to the community in my “spare time”.

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