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Published revision 48 of Superflore OE Recipe Generation Scheme (meta-ros)

This revision tardily documents the completion of Milestone 12 and Milestone 13 back at the beginning of July, with the later having been extended to include supporting the second June foxy release with all of the OpenEmbedded release series and webOS OSE (not just dunfell) and to support building all of the ROS distros (including foxy) with OpenEmbedded gatesgarth. It also documents changes to the soon to be completed current milestone (Milestone 14):

  • Its extension to include supporting rolling with OpenEmbedded dunfell and gatesgarth, supporting the releases of other ROS distros announced as of mid-August, and updating to webOS OSE v2.6.0, build 218,

  • Its reduction in scope to just supporting newer ROS distro releases (with dunfell and gatesgarth only) and webOS OSE releases. Its other items have been moved into Milestone 15.

The document is here. Its change log is here. A “rich diff” of the changes made since the previous revision is here.