AR-RViz: Augmented Reality Robot Visualization 1.0 Release

Hello all,

In my free time over the last month I have been building AR-RViz, an open source tool that allows you to view robot data in augmented reality.

The app is available for iOS and Android(untested) and works with ROS and ROS 2(limited testing) with the only robot side dependency being ros-tcp-endpoint.

Any topic type that has a visualizer can be viewed in AR, however, I only updated and tested the LaserScan and PointCloud2 visualizers. Find more information about visualizers in the README.

There are also a couple of interactive features that allow you to send msgs to ROS. The pose selector mode allows you to send PoseStamped msg for any 2d pose on the ground plane. The manipulate mode allows you to control interactive markers with the motion of your device.

There has been a lot of AR/MR news recently with the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3. When these devices become available I am hoping to add support along with addition features that become possible with an AR headset.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out!

App Store Link

Android APK

AR-RViz GitHub



Wow this is really cool and could be big for training in real life environments from mobile. Have you tried any robot projects that other people have created, using this software?

Thanks! I haven’t been able to try on many other robots, I’m hoping people want to try it themselves and post the results.

Very cool. I am a backer of the Lynx R1, and I expect to get mine any day now (and perhaps always will). I backed this with the intention of using it to visualize ROS data, so perhaps I can get this running on that platform when/if it arrives.

Hey @cyborg2b, I checked out the API for the Lynx and it looks pretty basic but I would be happy to help out! Much of the work would overlap with Quest 3 support which I plan on doing once it is released.

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