Inside the Lab: Taking Atlas From Sim to Scaffold

Any body else count the number of times ROS appeared on camera? I spotted a number of screens running rviz and I think rosbag.

Any one know what version of ROS they use internally, or what kind of backend they showed for simulation?

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Just curious, is it ROS1 or ROS2?

Is that RViz?

Reads like Director to me. The interactive markers are too “thin” and I don’t recognise any of those panels, nor the buttons:

Not everything with a Grid and a pointcloud render is RViz :slight_smile:


I feel bait and switched with the lumber on the table saw. I was about to be very impressed if they could make Altas cut something that large reliably and operate the saw :laughing:

I hoped to see PlotJuggler at any moment, but nope. :expressionless: :sweat_smile:

They unfortunately don’t use ROS. I believe it is a homemade implementation using gRPC, but I do know they use an RViz-like tool for a lot for their work. They are also still using Ubuntu 18.04 until they finish tests with 20.04.

I believe it is GitHub - RobotLocomotion/director: A robotics interface and visualization framework, with extensive applications for working with See for screenshots and specifically compare the end-effector widget in figure 4.