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Async_web_server_cpp maintenance

The async_web_server_cpp package, which is technically maintained by Russell Toris, has not seen any activity from him for the last two years. I’d like to take over maintenance as I have a continued interest in the package as a dependency of webrtc_ros.

I’ve already tried to contact Russell, and I opened an issue offering my help, with to response to date. How should I proceed?

Right now, I’m planning to unilaterally fork and re-release the package in Jan 2021 with me as new maintainer, but I’m open to other suggestions or any help to get in contact with the previous maintainer.


feel free to @ me on github if you need support bringing up either package and releasing them. more than happy to help out where I can.

I don’t believe that @rtoris is active at the GT-RAIL so might not have access to that repository. I would suggest trying to reach out to the lab directly: or

I was unable to elicit any response from GT-RAIL at all. Therefore, I am going to fork the repository and prepare a new release.

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