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August Quality Assurance Working Group Meeting

ROS Friends,

The next ROS Quality Assurance Working Group will take place on: 2020-08-06T14:00:00Z . I will try to record the video and post it afterwards. Hopefully I’ll get the audio settings correct this time.

Here are the hangout details:

Call in details are here

You can find the ROS Events Calendar here as well.

For this meeting we have a great talk lined up from Bainian Chen an Engineer from ROS-Industrial Asia Pacific.

Title: Quality Assurance Automation with Industrial CI

Topics Covered Include:

  • Overview on ROS-I AP Quality Assurance Work Package
  • Setting up ROS2 Quality Assurance CI Pipeline with Industrial CI
  • Future plans and Development Roadmap

More information on our speaker.


Hi All,

Here is the recording of this morning’s quality assurance working group meeting. It was a fantastic talk. If you missed the second link or I denied you entry, my apologies, I was being very judicious in who I let in to the second meeting.

My apologies for the “Zoom Bombing” this morning. In my early morning pre-coffee haze I neglected to realize that most of the working groups rely on security through obscurity. Since all meetings are on the public ROS calendar, I decided to tweet out a link to the meeting hoping to bring in more of the ROS community. It did bring in a community, just not the one we wanted.

I was already in the process of putting together a guide to outline best practices for the formation and execution of ROS working groups, so I’ll add some security pointers to that guide. Hopefully we can prevent future interruptions.

Enjoy the video and see you the first Thursday in September! Debbie Katz, a freshly minted CMU PhD in software engineering, will be speaking (p.s. she’s looking for work ;)).

did you record the Zoom bombing? :wink:

There is one little bomb for that meeting. It wasn’t bad so I didn’t edit out. The initial meeting was really bad. I am actually surprised at how bad the Google security features are. :frowning_face:.