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Auto-generate ROS pkg and node scripts using RIDE!

I find it pretty boring to write the boilerplate code for each node everytime. It shouldn’t be that way!

With RIDE, simply write down your node graph and it’ll generate the code, so you can simply start writing meaningful code straightaway!

GitHub repo link: GitHub - jash101/ride: RIDE automatically creates the package and boilerplate OOP Python node scripts as per your needs

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If you have any suggestions, queries, issues, please let me know :slight_smile:


That’s cool! I seem to recall @DLu mentioning a similar tool and maybe doing a lightning talk about it. I want to say it was for modifying and updating message related files. It certainly seems like ROS 2 could use a set of ergonomics related CLI verbs for common development tasks.

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We have ros2 pkg create, which will generate the skeleton for a single Python or C++ package. One thing we could do there is add another option to write more of the boilerplate code for getting started.

I guess we could also think about ros2 pkgs create, but things get more fuzzy there.

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Thanks! Do you recall which year it was? I’d love to checkout his talk and the tool.
Yes I think it should be extremely easy for beginners to generate boilerplate code. It also helps make the node scripts more uniform.
I’d love to get some feedback on my own boilerplate code. If you could have a look and give me some criticism, that’d be great. Thanks again

Additional arg can be added to create boilerplate code. I think it is much better to add the features in the ros2 pkg create itself, rather than pkgs. Although I must mention I have never used ROS2 and don’t know much about it, so what I am saying might not make much sense.
I initially wanted to make a rqt_graph like GUI to create the node graph and then generate code for each node. That would be super intuitive and handy