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Autonomous map generation

Hi, there,

I am going to request to generate a package, as a place storing implemented code about autonomous map generation. And I hope the package would be helpful to guys who want robot to fulfill SLAM process and automatically create mapping data.

We didn’t use frontier_exploration package. Rather than interoperating in RVIZ or gazebo interface during SLAM process, we tried to find a more convinient way.

We tested the code on Turtlebot2 with gmapping and cartographer algorithms.

Please let me know if there is already a similar package or if I violate some rules here.


You might find this interesting:

May I ask you why you don’t want to use frontier_exploration and slam_gmapping package?? It work really good and is very easy to use.

That’s great! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for attention.

I didn’t touch frontier_exploration deeply, but I found it needs the user to operate on the remote map (e.g. creating some polygons) during SLAM generation. So I want to find some ways to make the map generation fully automonously, even needn’t open any remote monitor/map screen.

Is there any infomation I missed? or is there any other solution meeting the full automation? Thanks.