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Autoware 1.12 released

Autoware 1.12 is now available for general use.
To install it from source, follow the new building from source instructions.
Please note that with this release, Autoware has changed its repository structure and its install method.
Old install instructions will not work.

Docker images are available at Dockerhub:

Once you have Autoware installed, you can try it out using some recorded data by following this guide.

This is a list of the major changes in Autoware 1.12:

  • New MPC waypoints follower for more accurate path following
  • New Enhanced Kalman Filter (EKF)-based localiser
  • Improved decision maker state machine, including support for better stop states and battery charging
  • Convex hull prediction
  • Support for ROS Melodic Morenia (but see the known issues, below)
  • Shift to GitLab as the host of the code
  • Split the repositories along functionality lines to improve CI times
  • Shift to using vcs to install Autoware
  • Numerous bug fixes and smaller changes; see the full list of changes below

There are some known issues in 1.12.

As always, the current reported issues can be viewed on the issue tracker and the current
proposed bug fixes and new features can be viewed on the merge request tracker.

Full list of changes


Going forward, will the “Releases” section of gitlab be used?

Or will release summaries be primarily done here on discourse?

We haven’t had any discussion about that, but I can say that since Discourse is our primary communications channel we will need to do something here.

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