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Autoware v1.12-alpha.1

The first alpha for the next version of Autoware, 1.12-alpha.1, is now available for testing. We encourage all Autoware users to try it out and wring out any remaining bugs before the code-freeze date of June 24th.

Get the source from the repository and install it using the from-source build instructions.

Docker images are available at dockerhub:

The following changes have been made since 1.11.

  • MPC waypoints follower (#2252)
  • Fix setting files for rosbag demo (#2249)
  • Modify stop states (#2255)
  • Fix autoware launcher readme. (#2253)
  • Split drive state (#2251)
  • melodic support (#2032)
  • add battery charging state (#2256)
  • modify mssion state for fms (#2257)
  • add install to the resources and plugin.xml (#2287) (Fixes #2147)
  • Add tests around Openplanner utilities (#2262)
  • Support full functions of g30esli_interface (#2139)
  • Update Docker cross-build Image (#2270)
  • add predicting convex hull (#2254)
  • Fix Segmentation fault at velocity_set by asynchronous base_waypoints and closest_waypoint (#2152) (#2272)
  • Fix gazebo not found in colcon_release_cross synquacer (#2268)
  • fix behavior_state in imm_ukf_pda_track (#2240)
  • runtime_manager: change params definition from int to float (#2266)
  • Fix don’t show run time in runtimemanager #2229 (#2235)
  • ekf_localizer (#2247)
  • [fix]: make sure cost is set with expanding_polygon_size (#2245)
  • Remove points2costmap (#2248)
  • fix install directive for waypoint extractor (#2219)
  • Adding install directive for node (#2195)
  • Fix bug that limits the data rate of DataRateCheckerPlugin (#2205)
  • Updated paths in quick_start launch files and parameters in default.rviz (#2206)
  • Remove enablePlannerDynamicSwitch (#1919)
  • Add .repos file for setting up an Autoware workspace using vcs (#2161)

The following changes planned for 1.12 have not yet been made (we expect to do a second alpha for these in the next couple of weeks). You can follow progress on the 1.12 milestone.

  • Split repositories and shift to using vcs for install
  • Clean up the quick start documentation
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Following on from the first alpha, we now have alpha.2.

The major change in this alpha is the move to GitLab and the split repositories. The new install instructions have not yet been written, but in a nutshell here is how to get and build Autoware 1.12.0-alpha.2 from source:

  1. Download the file from the repository and remember where you saved it.
  2. Run the following commands to download and build Autoware
    mkdir -p autoware/src
    cd autoware
    vcs import src < ~/path/to/
    rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src --rosdistro $ROS_DISTRO
    colcon build

For Google Chrome users:
It seems like Google Chrome changes the file name to when downloading from above link. Content does not change so just change the filename after download. (Firefox worked fine)

I created the feedback issue about 1.12.0-alpha.2 release based on our experiment on the real vehicle. Please check and let us know what do you think.

I’ve updated the instructions to fix the issue that @mitsudome-r mentions above. There are also instructions there for the upcoming 1.12.0-beta.1.