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Autoware and Foxy are going racing

@JWhitleyWork and others are working hard on Autoware.Auto autonomous driving with ros2 foxy to support F1TENTH and Indy Autonomous Challenge. Note that Autoware.Auto on Foxy is currently experimental.

At the moment to you’ll need to make a small modification to the installation instructions found at to use the Foxy environment. Just change:

$ ade start --update --enter
$ ade --rc .aderc-amd64-foxy start --update --enter

This change uses a custom ADE configuration file (.aderc-amd64-foxy) which launches the Foxy-based environment. All other build steps should work just fine. A good example of how to run ROS2 nodes in the environment along with visualization is the 3D Perception Stack demo at using the PCAP file. Using the LGSVL simulator isn’t an option yet (awaiting Foxy-compatible plugin) but it will be within the next few weeks.

#autoware-auto-foxy channel on Autoware slack is where people are collaborating on this.


If you are using an arm64/aarch64 platform, just change .aderc-arm64-foxy to .aderc-arm64-foxy.


Another note of clarification: The foxy ade containers do not yet have a fully pre-compiled version of Autoware.Auto included. foxy support is currently still experimental. To build the stack within ade, you will need to do the following:

ade$ cd AutowareAuto
ade$ vcs import <
ade$ colcon build
ade$ source install/setup.bash
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Hello @joespeed and @JWhitleyWork. I’m currently trying to install Autoware.Auto in my Ubuntu 20 machine with ROS2 Foxy. My goal is to connect my machine running Autoware with another machine running the LGSVL simulator through a gigabit switch connection. Is the Autoware.Auto on Foxy still experimental? And is the plugin for the LGSVL simulator functional?
Thank you both in advance.

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I’m also interested in Foxy, but I’d like to use standard installation without Docker. Which branch should I use?

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@guillermoherreraf / @soldierofhell ROS Answers with the autoware tag is a better place for these types of questions. Please see our new support guidelines for more information.