Call for Participation: ROS Developers Day 2022

The 5th ROS Developers Day (ROSDevDay 2022): Practice-Based Virtual Conference on ROS Robot Programming

Date: 2022-06-18T05:00:00Z2022-06-18T17:00:00Z


ROS Developers Day is an annual hands-on robot programming online event for ROS developers worldwide. This virtual conference aims to connect ROS developers from around the world to Practice, Learn, and Share the ROS applications together in real-time.

Unlike the normal slideshow-type conference, this is a hands-on event with a focus on practice. Every attendee will program the robot and reproduce the ROS projects’ results together in real-time while following the speakers’ demonstrations.

What is ROSDevDay
It is NOT just another slideshow conference.
It is NOT a virtual event based on pre-recorded videos.
It is NOT a conference based on talk, talk, talk.

ROSDevDay is practice-based
It is an only for the brave challenge
It is a touch code & robots event
It is a programming orgy for ROS developers
It is a thank God for coffee 12h ROS marathon
It is a conference based on practice, practice, practice.

You will learn

  • Simulating and Testing Underwater Robots in GazeboSim – ROS2 by Arjo Chakravarty, Robotics Software Engineer at Open Robotics
  • Hands-on Isaac ROS Visual SLAM with Nanosaur – ROS2 by Raffaello Bonghi, DevRel Manager Robotics at NVIDIA Embedded
  • Writing Path Planning Algorithms in ROS – ROS1 by Sakshay Mahna, Robotics Software Engineer at Indian Institute Of Technology Ropar
  • Vulcanexus, Enhancing ROS2 for Monitoring and Security – ROS2 by Eduardo Ponz, Robotics Software Engineer at eProsima
  • Using Firebase Realtime Database to Control Robots Remotely over the Internet – ROS1 by Nilutpol Kashyap, ROS Developer
  • Build a MoveIt’s Planning Scene for a Pick & Place Application - by María Beneyto Gómez-Polo, R&D Engineer en Robotnik Automation SLL

More speakers to be announced soon…


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New speaker announcement

  • Presentation Topic: Build a MoveIt’s Planning Scene for a Pick & Place Application
  • Presenter: María Beneyto Gómez-Polo, R&D Engineer at Robotnik Automation SLL
    Speakers ROSDevDay 2022 María Beneyto Gómez-Polo

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