ROS Developers Day 2022: Call for Speakers

ROSDevDay 2022: Practice-Based Virtual Conference on ROS Robot Programming

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Hi ROS Developers! If you got something interesting about ROS and WOULD LIKE TO TEACH IT to the community, you can be a ROSDevDay speaker!


  • Proposal submission deadline: April 28, 2022
  • Evaluation Period: April 28 – May 5, 2022

Submission Requirements:

  • Any topics related to ROS(1 & 2) and ROS level (BASIC – INTERMEDIATE – ADVANCED) are eligible.
  • No need to be the latest ROS results. Anything interesting to be taught is acceptable
  • As long as the subject matter is interesting for the ROS community, you can apply.
  • Proposals should be in the form of a rosject and should focus on teaching by practice.
  • To get an idea of the content and tone of ROSDevDay, check out ROSDevDay 2021 to see how it works.

Watch the videos below for further instructions:


Speakers’ Presentation Template

Speakers will be compensated with 500€ for their presentations!

We value each speaker’s work, so we want to break with tradition. Each speaker will receive a 500€ compensation as a thank you for their contribution to the future of robotics developers.


ROS Developers Day is an annual hands-on robot programming online event for ROS developers worldwide. This virtual conference aims to connect ROS developers from around the world to Practice, Learn, and Share the ROS applications together in real-time.

Unlike the normal slideshow-type conference, this is a hands-on event with a focus on practice. Every attendee will program the robot and reproduce the ROS projects’ results together in real-time while following the speakers’ demonstrations.


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You can contact us with questions and doubts here:

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⏳Last Call for Speakers⏳

Have you submitted your proposals to the 5th ROS Developers Day? Remember to apply by April 28!

If you have an awesome ROS project, share it with the community! It’ll be a fun experience to teach your project to hundreds of ROS developers in real-time. AND this is the only one that pays the speakers for their contribution! (500€ for each speaker).