Call for Videos - ROS-Industrial 10 Year Anniversary Video Montage

To celebrate ROS-Industrial turning 10 we are looking to create a video montage of all the great work out there in industrial relevant applications leveraging ROS. If you would like to share a snippet to be featured in the ROS-I 10 year montage, please complete this submission form.

We will receive videos up through May 27. Please do not forget to provide credits to we can be sure to properly acknowledge the contributors. It has been awhile since we assembled the ROS-I 5 Year Montage (ROS-I Five Years Montage - YouTube), so we look forward to bringing some fresh industrial-centric clips to the viewing public.

Thanks in advance, and we look forward to unveiling this new video in conjunction with the Automate 2022 show/ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas Annual Meeting.


Matt R.
ROS-I Americas Program Manager


Don’t forget to show off you industrial applications/industrial hardware leveraging ROS to do new and interesting things!


The due date for video submissions for the ROS-I 10 Year Montage is May 27!

The link is still active! Thanks to those that have submitted videos!

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Video submission deadline at the end of the week! Looking forward to your submissions!


Last day for submissions! We are at about 40 clips, so not too bad! But we would love to see a few more! The link is above and here as well! ROS-I 10 Year Montage β€” ROS-Industrial

Unfortunately, I was not able to submit my video. Feeling sad right now.