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🎥 ROS World 2021 Recordings Now Available

Hi Everyone,

The wait is over! I just added the ROS World 2021 videos to the ROS World website! The videos are linked to directly from the ROS World website, as well as the OpenRobotics Vimeo account.

New this year, all of the videos include closed captions in English. You can enable closed captioning by clicking the “CC” icon at the bottom of the video. The closed captioning was made possible through the generous support of Toyota Research Institute. The video recording and editing was made possible with the generous support of ROS-Industrial (reminder the ROS-I community meeting is this week).

If your favorite part of ROS World is the lightning talks, then you’re also in luck. I posted a super cut of all the lightning talks were submitted this year. This super cut is close to a full hour’s worth of two minute ROS videos! You can find that video here. The regular program lightning talks are also available on the ROSWorld website. I want to thank everyone who sent us a lightning talk in 2021. There were so many good videos and unfortunately not all of them could make it into the final program.

We had a blast this year and really appreciate the community’s support as well as the support of our staff, sponsors, and speakers. We look forward to seeing everyone in-person in Kyoto for ROSCon 2022!


Hi Kat,

thanks to you and Open Robotics to get the video to Vimeo!

I was just adding the references to videos to ros2_control documentation and realized that some links are wrong/broken. I tested the following:

  • Day 2 Keynote
  • ros2_control: The future of ros_control
  • Let’s Roll! How ROS 2 Rolling Ridley changes the ROS release process and what you can do with it.

The few others from Day 2 I testsed are correct. Can you please check this? (Maybe I am doing something wrong)




Hi Kat, more to fix :frowning:

  • USAFBOT (both More info and Watch)
  • Ethercat (points to wrong video)
  • Superfast Subsystem Cooperation (More info)
  • Boot to ROS in 7 s (wrong video)
  • We have Ignition (wrong video)

Thanks Kat!

Another small fix: the video link for “Tracing ROS 2 with ros2_tracing” points to another talk. It should be Tracing ROS 2 with ros2_tracing on Vimeo.

Thanks for the input. I went and updated everything.

Our contractor didn’t provide a CSV like I asked, so I copied over all the URLs manually late on Friday afternoon. That process is extremely error prone as the Vimeo admin panel requires a couple of clicks to get the URL.


The link to the “Challenges for ROS2 in Autonomous Agricultural Applications” video also points to another video. Moreover, the “More info” link for that session does not work.

Ps. If you really want to see the video and can’t wait for the updated links, you can search on Vimeo for the title of the session.

Thanks! I went ahead and fixed it. The info links come straight from the speakers. My kingdom for a CI pipeline and link checker for the ROSWorld websites.

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Hi Kat,

Sorry to kick up more dust here…

For " ESP32 microcontroller robot with Navigation 2 ROS 2 running in the Cloud"

  1. The “Watch” link from the ROS World page is incorrect - should point to ESP32 microcontroller robot with Navigation 2 ROS 2 running in the Cloud on Vimeo

  2. In the Vimeo page, the description is empty. Not sure if that’s something I can upload or it’s done by Open Robotics.

Let me know how I can help.


DM me what you want for the description and I’ll take care of it.

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