Can we fix rsync for

Yes I know you want people to use apt-mirror but I can’t. I need to run a mirror on a production machine that is CentOS based and has tight restrictions. This mirror uses rsync to mirror third party repositories. This is efficient and trusted.

I can rsync all parts of except for the packages because the packages directory is a link that is not followed by the rsync server. You can test this using the command: rsync -azv /tmp/ros

I have made a request to to fix this since all their other hosted projects support rsync but they have implied that the server is controlled by OSRF. So can you guys fix this?

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We saw your request and are working with OSUOSL to turn on support for accessing the ftp repository via the osuosl rsync interface for your use case.

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Thanks Tully, this will be really great!

Has there been progress on this? I was hoping this would be resolved with a configuration file change.

We’ve made the request but I haven’t heard an ETA from OSUOSL for resolving the error. I don’t know if it’s a matter of changing a config or if all the files will need to be shuffled.

@tfoote: would you perhaps have an update on this rsync-related topic as well?

Similar to @boilerbots, my university’s mirror admins (TU Delft) prefer (require) rsync as it integrates with the rest of the mirroring infrastructure (Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, etc). Hence the question.

Edit: should this thread be moved to the Mirrors category btw?

Good idea. Bumped

The endpoints were setup cleanly.


now host the main and shadow-fixed repos via rsync.

Thanks. I’ll let our admins know.