Can we take kids to ROSCon as Science Education?

Hi, I have a general question for children and kids support.

Can we bring kids to ROSCon to see exhibitors, technologies for their education and social experience?



If you mean older children who wish to see the exhibits I’m somewhere between a “yes”, and an “emphatic yes” on this question.

We briefly discussed having a “exhibits only” pass for ROSCon 2022. We can discuss it again for 2023. The deciding factors are if the refreshments are served in the exhibit area and space / resources for the extra head count. Alternatively, we could potentially have a “student visiting hour” when it is slow during sessions. I’ll certainly bring this up with the executive committee.


@Katherine_Scott thanks for the information!

What i meant is more like elementary students, I have 3rd and 5th grade boys, they are interested in simulation and robot stuff. So i was thinking that if we can go together to see the exhibits.

anyway, we will wait for the announcement.


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