ROSCon 2024 Call for Proposals Now Open

ROSCon 2024 Call for Proposals

Hi Everyone,

The ROSCon call for proposals is now open! You can find full proposal details on the ROSCon website. ROSCon Workshop proposals are due by 2024-05-08T06:59:00Z and can be submitted using this Google Form. ROSCon talks are due by 2024-06-04T06:59:00Z and you can submit your proposals using Hot CRP. Please note that you’ll need a HotCRP account to submit your talk proposal. We plan to post the accepted workshops on or around 2024-07-08T07:00:00Z and the accepted talks on or around 2024-07-15T07:00:00Z respectively. If you think you will need financial assistance to attend ROSCon, and you meet the qualifications, please apply for our Diversity Scholarship Program as soon as possible. Diversity Scholarship applications are due on 2024-04-06T06:59:00Z, well before the CFP deadlines or final speakers are announced. Questions and concerns about the ROSCon CFP can be directed to the ROSCon executive committee ( or posted in this thread.

We recommend you start planning your talk early and take the time to workshop your submission with your friends and colleagues. You are more than welcome to use this Discourse thread and the #roscon-2024 channel on the ROS Discord to workshop ideas and organize collaborators.

Finally, I want to take a moment to recognize this year’s ROSCon Program Co-Chairs @Ingo_Lutkebohle and @Yadunund, along with a very long list of talk reviewers who are still being finalized. Reviewing talk proposals is fairly tedious task, and ROSCon wouldn’t happen without the efforts of our volunteers. If you happen to run into any of them at ROSCon please thank them for their service to the community.

Talk and Workshop Ideas for ROSCon 2024

If you’ve never been to ROSCon, but would like to submit a talk or workshop proposal, we recommend you take a look at the archive of previous ROSCon talks. Another good resource to consider are frequently discussed topics on ROS Discourse and Robotics Stack Exchange. In last year’s metric’s report I include a list of frequently asked topic tags from Robotics Stack that might be helpful. Aside from code, we really want to your robots! We want to see your race cars, mining robots, moon landers, maritime robots, development boards, and factories and hear about lessons you learned from making them happen. If you organize a working group, run a local meetup, or maintain a larger package we want to hear about your big wins in the past year.

While we can suggest a few ideas for talks and workshops that we would like to see at ROSCon 2024, what we really want is to hear from the community about topic areas that you think are important. If there is a talk you would like to see at ROSCon 2024 consider proposing a that topic in the comments below. Feel free to write a whole list! Some of our most memorable talks have been ten minute overviews of key ROS subsystems that everyone uses. If you think a half hour talk about writing a custom ROS 2 executor and benchmarking its performance would be helpful, please say so!