📹 ROSCon 2022 Videos and Slides now Available

ROSCon 2022 Videos and Slides now Available

Hi Everyone,

Most of the team is finally back from ROSCon in Kyoto. We just updated the ROSCon 2022 website to include all of the talk videos and slides. If you weren’t able to make it to ROSCon in Kyoto this is your chance to catch up on all of the great talks you missed. This is also your chance to share all of the great ROSCon content with your friends and colleagues. If you would like to watch all of the videos in rapid succession check out the ROSCon 2022 Vimeo page; similarly all the slides are available here. Please note that some of the ROSCon talk slides are quite large as they include the embedded videos from the conference.

This year’s ROSCon was a resounding success and our largest yet with over 800 attendees and over 50 sponsors! We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our executive and program committees, ROSCon speakers, attendees, sponsors, volunteers, and event planning staff at Meet Green. In particular we want to thank AMD for making the ROSCon 2022 video archive possible.

With ROSCon 2022 in the bag, it is time to start planning ROSCon 2023, which will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 18th through the 21st, 2023. It is never to early to start planning your workshops and talks for ROSCon, and if you have any ideas for next years event feel free to reach out to us.


Oh wow! That was fast!


Thanks, this year had a lot more automation. You see, robots are good for boring and repetitive tasks. =)


Thanks for the fast work, it’s impressive! I took a look at the ROSCon page and the linked video for Filter your ROS 2 content is pointing to a different talk, IDK if this happens for other talks as well, but I though you may want a look.

I cannot access the video still.

Sorry, we couldn’t find that page

Make sure you’ve typed the URL correctly, or try searching Vimeo. You could also watch one of the videos below instead.

Would it be possible to edit my video so my Hybrid-A* slide shows up on the video recording correctly? There was a point where I missed a slide transition and it would be helpful for future viewers to see the proper slide during that discussion.

Can you be more specific? What link didn’t work?

I think the slides are recorded directly into the video. We can’t edit the slides after the fact.

@Katherine_Scott I just realized that some videos are not available, for example Opening Remarks.

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Great to have the material already available. Thanks everyone involved!

I made a quick check through some of the talks I attended and the one I gave, and found that the editing of some of the slides could be improved. Right now, it appears editors centered the slide views on the bottom-left corner, cutting content at the top and right sides:

This happens in pretty much all the slides of this session (Talk | Slides). Slides were sent with a 16:9 aspect ratio and I recall they were looking good life (so the recording should have them all, without cuts). Could the editing of the slides be improved in the videos please?

Understandable. I didn’t know if you had the raw files or not used to generate the 2-view panels. I guess my mess up will forever live in infamy :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks! I’ve been looking forward to rewatching several of these, and to see some the ones I missed. Also, excellent timing. Tomorrow morning I’m doing a presentation about the conference for the rest of my team, it’ll be great to have videos to reference.

I assure we will only remember the good stuff

That’s odd. Our video production team is fixing that one and will review the others too. If anyone else sees an issue like this please DM myself or @Katherine_Scott and we’ll make sure to pass it onto the video production team.


I just fixed two broken links on the website.

We’re working on the problem @vmayoral noticed on the slides not scaling appropriately.


More talks that are not accessible:

What’s weird is I think the talks were accessible earlier under these URLs…

w.r.t. the links giving the “Sorry, we could’t find that page” error, I had the same problem and wanted to share what worked for me. Specifically I had this issue with the “ROSCON 2022 Vimeo page” link at the top of the thread.
For me at least, the problem was that the link resolves differently depending on how you are viewing it (e.g. if you open it on a mobile app (for me it was gmail on my ipad) vs. a web browser, you get a different link, and the former seemed to be invalid).
So what worked for me was:

  1. open this ros discourse thread in a web browser (ideally on a PC rather than a mobile device, if possible), and try accessing the Vimeo page link that way. (or failing that, here is what the link should resolve to: https://vimeo.com/showcase/9954564)
  2. try the “Watch” links on the ROScon 2022 website. I had a similar problem with one or two of those on my ipad, but i eventually found one that worked (and once you find one, its easy to navigate to the others).
    OR if 1 and 2 somehow fail,
  3. search OpenRobotics on vimeo and you should be able to find their account profile with all the ROScon videos uploaded to it. And from there you can see all the video links.

I am very excited to watch all the robotics content! :robot: :smiley:

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Thanks for the workarounds. However, I directly click the “Watch” links on roscon website and try to watch the videos on the same device. So it should not be a desktop x mobile mismatch.

Searching for the Zenoh talk does not even work when searching on Vimeo in the ROSCon 2022 showcase. It only shows up under Open Robotics account.

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It looks like those two of the videos got updated this morning but no one told me about it. I’ll go update the website.

It would appear that there is some issue on Vimeo’s side with URLs and “showcases”

Some people are having issues with:

While the following short link works fine (just crop out the showcase/):

I ran a link checker over the whole website before posting, but I guess it doesn’t pick up on Vimeo’s 404 page. I’ll update the three links that have changed and investigate this link issue.

After some investigating, it looks like the video team replaced about half a dozen videos over the past few days and didn’t tell me. I just posted an update and all the links are currently green. Let me know if you run into anymore issues.

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