Category logo aspect ratio problem

On, the General and CARMA categories are too tall, and their descriptions are invisible. The problems can be fixed by changing style="--aspect-ratio: 3.7572815533980584;" or style="--aspect-ratio: 6.008928571428571;" to style="--aspect-ratio: 1;" in the div containing the category logo image.

I don’t believe we have control over the CSS that renders the logos in Discourse. If someone wanted to edit those images to display properly we would be happy to swap them out.

Here are ROS and CARMA logos with aspect ratio of 1.


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Thanks for the images @rur.

Would it be possible to update the site with those images @Katherine_Scott ?

Right now I can’t see any of the other topics unless I scroll down as the ROS image for General is taking up the entire sidebar of the topics.

To be quite honest I am not really clear what these are trying to solve exactly. Everything looks fine on my side. Where are things rendering weird?

Here’s an image showing the problem and what it will look like once you swap in the logos I provided.

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Boom, fixed, thanks. I also just noticed that there are dark mode settings we could set up. :wink:


OK, the ROS category is fixed! Now how about the CARMA category? It looks like you haven’t swapped in the CARMA logo I provided yet.

Thanks for updating the logos!

I would be so down for an optional dark mode for our discourse!