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CLion plugin



I made a CLion plugin that allow to create or import a ROS workspace without the need to start CLion from a console duly set, with all the IDE features available (code completion and so on)

I hope that this help to develop in a more easy way.
ROS plugin



Would be nice if you could update the wiki accordingly, and promote your Plugin :slight_smile:


Hi stfn,

I didn’t know of this wiki page. Useful.

But, what you mean promote my plugin ? I thought writting in this chanel was enough to share the plugin or do you know other useful action I have to take to promote it.



I just mean to “promote” it, by mentioning it in the wiki :slight_smile:

btw, I like CLion most when it comes to c++; do you support catkin build/catkin tools in any way?


My goal is to allow the user to remain inside the CLion IDE for all the development, without open the terminal and run some shell comand like catkin.
I would like use as new feature policy the request from my plugin user, so if somebody will tell me “Hey Paolo, it would be nice if your plugin can use catkin build for bla bla bla” I will try to implement it. For now nobody ask me it, so using catkin is not in plain. But in the future can be.



Hello, paoloach.
Thank you for this contribution on ROS community.

What is different with existing way on ROS? I saw a way to use Clion for developing with ROS on link and here.

If your plugin can use without any additional steps for configuration, it is really cool!
Could you make a description or guide about how to use it for newbies.


Hi harderthan,

I confirm you that using my plugin you no longer need to run clion from a terminal. :smiley:
You can simply import a new ROS workspace and it will set in CLion all the environment variables in order to allow the IDE to understand how to find all the depencencies.

Basically, you have to configure the available ROS versions if they aren’t in /opt/ros and when every time you will import a ROS workspace, it Idetects the right ROS version to use by the CMakeLists.txt link in the src folder and then he set the right environment variables for the cmake configuration. In this way CLion will use the right environment variable every time.