Cloud Robotics Tutorial at ICRA 2024 (Sign Up to Attend)

Sign up to attend our tutorial at ICRA 2024 on May 17: Cloud and Fog Robotics: A Hands-on Tutorial with ROS2 and FogROS2!

This tutorial will be led by academia & industry leaders.

Please sign up and see more information on our website here.

Cloud and fog robotics empower resource-limited robots to execute computationally intensive tasks like deep learning. This tutorial covers cutting-edge methods and applications, incorporating insights from academia researchers and industry experts. It presents a full hands-on experience for both those who want to develop their first cloud robotics application and experienced practitioners interested in discussing the usability challenges of the field.

Kaiyuan Chen @KeplerC (UC Berkeley) (Primary Contact)
Jeffrey Ichnowski @jeffi (CMU)
Simeon Adebola @SimeonOA (UC Berkeley)
Trinity Chung (UC Berkeley)
Florian T Pokorny (KTH)
John Kubiatowicz (UC Berkeley)
Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley)

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