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Comunication with Jetson Robot over wifi

I have a few robots powered by a Jetson TX2 boards running ROS, and I would like to communicate with them securely over wifi. I don’t have a lot of networking experience, and am using this project as a means to force myself to learn. I was wondering if you all have some suggestions on technologies I should look at.

The RobotCloudServer caught my eye, can that do point-to-point communication or does it need to go though a router? Is my understanding correct that it runs on top of an existing VPN connection set up through OpenVPN? Also it suggests using RMS which also requires rosbridge. Is RMS worth using too?

Before I go down the rabbit hole installing a wide variety of technology, I was wondering what you all have had success with in the past.

VPN’s are great to use with ROS. I use tinc because its easy to setup, OpenVPN seems to be the more popular choice. One thing to note is that the VPN will increase video latency. I’m currently trying to figure a way around that using something like webRTC.

I’ve used RMS before. Its okay, but it could certainly be more configurable. I stopped using it and write my own web stack based on ROS Java

Last thing I’ll throw out there is a startup called ROCOS. They are creating a system for cloud connected robots that looks really legit. They are still creating it but once its done you will pay a certain amount per robot per month for this stuff to just work.