ROS Package for Wireless Communication Radios (Silvus Technologies StreamCaster Radios, Persistent Systems MPU5 Radio)


I am working on a project that involves the use of long-range, through-multiple-walls, wireless communication radios, and am considering using radios such as the Silvus Technologies StreamCaster Radios or the Persistent Systems MPU5 Radio. Both radios offer USB Host / RS-232 Serial connectors.

I am wondering if there are any ROS packages/methods that allow me to interface easily with these radios and transmit/encode data and receive/decode data on the other end? The data includes several real-time video streams, telemetry, and sensor data from the robot. I am already using ROS for control and operation of the robot.

Thank you for your help in advance!

As it happens, I’ve run into a similar need. I started implementing something that I believe will streamline the creation of these sorts of packages by a lot. It’s currently incomplete (I just started it this morning), but available here.

I’ll follow up when I have it wrapped up. Hopefully I’ll have a pretty comprehensive prototype put together shortly.