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Sorry for “double-posting” something that’s already on github, but in our last QA meeting we decided that moving the conversation here might get more feedback from different people.

People who are willing to contribute in ROS may not know where to start.
Likewise, when meeting people and convincing them to contribute, you might not have a place to direct them to where their contribution is needed and welcome.

Suggested solution:
Add a page to that lists open issues and PRs where help is needed or reviewers are invited.
rosindex is parsing the github repos of packages on a regular basis, so extracting this information and putting it into a static list does not add much overhead.
The list can use labels such as “help wanted”, “review requested” or “good first issue” to filter and prioritize issues / PRs. A positive side effect of this could be an increased motivation to maintainers to use standard labels.
The list can also be sorted by the language used (C++ or Python) so that people can choose according to their own skill.

The PR is open at

Here is a screenshot of the current version:

(the text in the black box is the tooltip for the priority label)

Please let me know what you think.