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Course: ROS in a Nutshell for Beginners


I have added a lot of useful tutorials for beginners users to my course entitled
Course: ROS in a Nutshell for Beginners: Foundations

The course covers all the concepts of ROS and their implementation in both C++ and Python! Several types of illustrations are presented and the course takes the learner step-by-step and right to the point to master ROS development. This is in addition to the real-time technical support I provide the students with.

Also, I have added practical hands-on activity that decomposes the problem into small pieces and guide the student to solve them to consolidate his understanding.
The course is designed to help new ROS users follow clear roadmap to learn ROS rather being scatter in many documentation or spend long time reading books and tutorials.

The course is still being updated at daily basis and will cover more topics like ROS services and actionLib in depth, and openCV.

I offer an exceptional discount for 48 hours to enroll to the course for just 9.99 USD

No need to talk more, come and try (30 days money back guaranteed)

Anis Koubaa
Course Instructor


​Hello mr. Anis Koubaa,

I saw and I liked it a lot.​

  • One question mr. Koubaa.
    Is this possible, in your (ROS in a …) course of Udemy, to use the kinetic distro?

Yes, I am using this one.
I have some videos with earlier version, but it works on any version as it shows common concepts.
Newer videos are on ROS Kinetic.
I have a video that explain which version to choose where I discuss all these points!