New ROS Noetic 2h30 Crash Course (on YouTube for free)

Hi Everyone,

I just released a free crash course on YouTube to learn ROS Noetic.

My goal for this course: just going to the essential stuff as fast and efficiently as possible, to give you a good understanding of the ROS concepts and make you start writing your own ROS programs.

If you are a complete beginner, or a ROS developer struggling to understand the basic ROS concepts, then I believe this crash course will help you get started on the right foot.

In the course you will learn with hands-on lessons that you can follow on your computer. We will build a ROS application, step by step, based on the Turtlesim simulation.

The course is 2.5h long. Here are the chapters:

  1. Install and setup ROS Noetic
  2. Understand what is a ROS Node
  3. Create and setup a catkin workspace
  4. Create a ROS package
  5. Write a ROS node with Python
  6. Understand what is a ROS topic
  7. Write a publisher node with Python
  8. Write a subscriber node with Python
  9. Combine publisher and subscriber in a closed loop system
  10. Understand what is a ROS service
  11. Write a ROS service client with Python

Check out the crash course here on YouTube.

Note: Even if ROS2 is taking over little by little, I was quite surprised to still see so many people stick to ROS1. So I thought, why not create a crash course to teach ROS1 using the last version, Noetic. And in my opinion, learning ROS1 will help you understand the ROS ecosystem better, and also will make it much easier to work with ROS2 later on.

→ If you like what I do, let me know what kind of tutorial content you’d like to see in the future!