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Coursera's Control of Mobile Robots using ROS on Raspberry Pi Robot


Upon launching version 2.0 of our ROSbots robot kit (which is based off a Raspberry Pi and many other standard off-the-shelf components), I decided to use the ROSbots kit to re-visit some of the concepts from Coursera’s Control of Mobile Robots course. Over time, I plan to implement parts of the programming exercises in that course using ROS on a ROSbots differential drive robot.

The first post of the muti-part series for this initiative is published on Medium.

Love to hear what the community thinks of the effort. As usual, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, suggestions and feedback. Want to collaborate? Love to connect as well.

Jack “the ROSbots Maker”

I note the mention of Coursera’s Control of Mobile Robots Course, can you please give me details of this course.

Collen Gura

Hi Collen, link to MOOCs course here -

The course is free. The implementation exercises are in Matlab. I plan on re-implementing in ROS on a ROSbots robot while being as faithful to the original exercises as possible.

You can read more in the link from the original post above.