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Developing safety-critical software as open source (FOSDEM talk)

Hi all,

Christian and I gave a talk at this years FOSDEM and presented our current state of how we think safety-critical software can be developed as open source. It could be interesting for the ROS2 community and affiliated projects. In the talk we shared our experience with Eclipse iceoryx, diving into both the automotive processes and our key architecual design decisions based on some safe vs. unsafe C++ examples. We’re far from done and would love to get your feedback! Please take a minute and tick topics that sound interesting for you. Stay tuned for in-depth tutorials and videos about the most wanted topics.

Which topics would be interesting for you?
  • Automotive processes in general (ASPICE, ISO26262)
  • More details about the tools and workflow used for Eclipse iceryx regarding ISO26262
  • Best practices for testing (e.g. MC/DC coverage, validation, verification)
  • Techniques to make C++ safer (e.g. adopting STL constructs from Rust or error handling concept without exceptions)
  • How the gap between ROS2 and AUTOSAR can be overcome
  • Legal and moral implications for contributors

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Looking forward to your feedback!