Safety engineering and open source safety poll

I am part of the Safety Critical Working group and from our meetings I have found that safety is a huge unknown for a lot of companies and the ROS community.

My company Northstar Robotics has been developing safety critical systems and now helping our customers with the entire safety development life cycle and function safety management.

We are looking at offering our safety experience and expertise as a service to the market and we are interested in hearing from the community.
Here is a link to a poll that asks about some of the pain points around safety system development. If you are interested in safety, it would be great if you could fill it out, link to safety poll

Part of our mission is to open source our safety algorithms and integrate with the ROS 2 Nav stack. So this is poll is of interest to us from a commercial and community benefit point of view.

I appreciate the responses!


Dear Shawn
I am the coordinator of th EURobotics association WG on Standardisation, also I am founding member of the WG on Standardisation of ADRA that is the official European association assembling together EUROBOTICS, BDVA the EU bid data association and three EU associations on AI.
ADRA is the scientific and industrial community interface to the EU Commission.
As ADRA we organise a monthly open workshop on Standardisation and safety.
Would you be interested in giving a presentation?


Hi Paolo,

I would be happy to give a talk. Please DM me and we can discuss the date.
Then we can post here about the talk.


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