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Discourse Translation Function

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a powerful translator function in the discourse forum? As a robotic community this should be feasible.

  • Lower the entry hurdle

  • Writing fast and more complex sentences for non native English speaking people.

  • The bot could also be used to cross check when writing new posts in a foreign language. In this way you can train other languages for you and maybe an AI ;).

Maybe this could be a good start:

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I moved this to the Site Feedback category.

Discourse has a translator plugin.

It has support for both Microsoft and Google translations and I’m sure that it could be extended to leverage Deeply you mentioned in the thread Request for creation of a German (speaking) ROS User Group

However it’s not included in our hosting package so we can’t turn it on.

A DeepL based translation would perfect but the API was closed for free usage. :money_mouth_face:
All the OS project based on DeepL API also seam to be dead. A shame.