MoveIt migrating from Google Groups to Discourse

Welcome to MoveIt’s new home for project announcements, future development roadmaps, releases, and high level community discussion. This category is not for MoveIt users questions, requests for technical help, or applications to specific robots. For user questions, please post on ROS Answers and tag with ‘moveit’ - all off topic questions will be deleted from this Discourse category.

This forum replaces the now deprecated MoveIt Users Google Group but you are welcome to search its archives for past discussions and answers.

Join the discussion here if:

  • You use or are interested in using MoveIt and want to hear the latest updates and changes
  • You want to make community announcements about MoveIt
  • You are interested in creating a major new feature and want to get feedback
  • You want to learn more about becoming a tester, developer, or maintainer of MoveIt

The MoveIt! conversion from Google Groups to Discourse should now be complete (this is the test). The old moveit users Google Group should now be read only.

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Existing topics are not auto watched. I’ve manually watched this one and testing again. New topics should be auto watched.

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Totally agreed with you @tfoote