Distance_map - A package to convert occ_grid to 2D distance map

Introducing distance_map, a ROS package to convert OccupancyGrid & Costmap2D to 2D distance map.

While there exists several implementations for 3D distance map (a.k.a. distance field) (e.g. in moveit, grid_map, voxblox) it seemed more complicated than necessary to get anything done in 2D. Especially when it comes to integrating it with ROS navigation stack. For this reason we developed the distance_map package(s) that offer,

  • ‘conversion’ from OccupancyGrid/Costmap2D to distance_map_core::DistanceMap
  • ‘conversion’ from distance_map_core::DistanceMap to ROS message distance_map_msgs::DistanceMap
  • exact/near un/signed Euclidean distance map (OpenCV / Dead Reckoning algorithm)
  • gradient computation
  • Rviz visualization
  • a small interactive tool to introspect a distance map.

This is all available on github (see link above) and we are looking forward to hear your feedback and how you may use this package !