Do you want to program a ROS robot with Verilog? You can with FPGA-Robotics

FPGA-Robotics, the open source framework to develop FPGA-based robotics applications, now supports the full testing in simulation: both the #verilog code with Verilator and the behavior of the ros robot in the gazebo simulator. All 100% open source. This simulation mode allows fast debugging and fine tuning of the robotics Verilog applications. The same application can also be synthesized and loaded into a physical FPGA too after testing, and run on a physical ROS robots.

It has been experimentally validated developing a visual Follow-Person application for a TurtleBot2 robot. The Verilog source code of the color filter and of the low level robot controller in the video were fine tuned using this full simulation mode.

The framework includes several adapters which connect the FPGA “source code” with the standard ROS interfaces (the ROS topics for the regular webcam and the motor base of the TurtleBot2 in the demo video).

It has been fostered by JdeRobot organization.


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