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eProsima is launching Integration Service v3.0.0

eProsima Integration Service is an open source product that enables the intercommunication of numerous protocols that speak different languages.

  • Easily configurable
  • Support for IDL 4.2 and xTypes
  • Easy to extend to new platforms. The following protocols are supported by default: Fast DDS, FIWARE, ROS, ROS 2 and WebSocket
    Integrations Service Schema 3

Typical scenarios in which eProsima Integration Service is used:

  • Communication among systems using different protocols which handle incompatible types, topics, and services.
  • Integration of systems under the same protocol which are isolated per specific protocol features.
  • Communication through the Internet between systems hosted by logically separated WANs located in different geographical regions.

Integration Service v3.0.0 is the first release that comprises a whole restructuring and renaming of the project, formerly known as SOSS.

Check out the complete list of features for this major release in the Release Notes.

For more details visit the release page. Check the Integration Service Manual and examples in the Integration Service doc page.

Congratulations eProsima!

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