Integration Service - Integrate a complex system into DDS

Want to integrate additional and potentially incompatible components into your ROS 2 or DDS based system? eProsima Integration-Service provides the right tool to do it!

Most systems evolve with time, undergoing the addition of new functionalities or new components. When these are based on software or hardware that don’t use a protocol compatible with the rest of the system, an additional element must be created, usually known as bridge, to integrate them. If, additionally, the system contains several subsystems, and each uses a different protocol, a bridge must be created for each existing pair of components that need to be communicated, making the integration of the new component impractical.

Integration-Service and its core, SOSS, ease this process.

Specifically, Integration-Service allows to integrate any DDS system into an already existing system or viceversa, by providing an out-of-the-box bridge that straightforwardly puts into communication the DDS and the non-DDS protocols.


Also, thanks to its System-Handle based structure, the core of Integration-Service allows to centralise all the possible bridges between the rest of subsystems. Once all protocols are communicated with Integration-Service, the inter-components communication can be easily implemented by means of a YAML configuration file.

For more curious developers and plain DDS enthusiasts, we have prepared a very easy-to-follow and illustrative example on how Integration-Service allows integrating a DDS application into a complex system comprising FIWARE Orion Context-Broker and ROS 1. Check it out here!



Looks interesting. Does this only work for DDS from eProsima or also for DDS from other vendors?

Hi! Yes, Integration Service is compatible with virtually all DDS implementations. However, for IS to be correctly installed and run, you need to have Fast-DDS in your system, as explained in the installation tutorial at this link.