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Integration Service: fostering your DDS-ROS 2 communication

What to do when in need of bridging different DDS-based systems that use different configurations? This happens for example in the communication between DDS and ROS 2, due to the incompatibility of the message types they handle.

By using eProsima Integration-Service, this gap can be bridged super easily and the communication between the two protocols made as smooth as it can be.

Notice also that, as already mentioned in this post, thanks to the versatility and centrality of Integration-Service, you can go adding as many protocols as you wish to an already existing Integration-Service mediated bridge such as that between DDS and ROS 2.

In order to make crystal clear how to implement such communication in a few simple steps, we have produced an easy-to-follow guide that illustrates how to interface two old classics: the ROS2 talker-listener example and the Fast-DDS HelloWorld example.

Check it out here and have your ROS 2 talker publishing to your FastDDS subscriber, your ROS 2 listener subscribing to your FastDDS publisher’s topics, and the other way around!

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