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Extra Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting #22a (20200924) Minutes

2020/09/24 22:00 UTC


  • Jan Becker (AWF board)
  • Geoffrey Biggs (TSC chair)
  • Laksh Parthasarathy (Tata Consultancy Services)
  • David Van Geyn (AutonomouStuff)
  • Jeff Johnson (Mapless AI)
  • Shinpei Kato (AWF board)
  • Seonman Kim (LGE)
  • Dmitri Lapanik (TRI-AD)
  • Kasper Mecklenburg (Arm)
  • Ryohsuke Mitsudome (Tier IV)
  • Ali Ors (NXP)
  • Tsutomu Otake (Macnica)
  • Dejan Pangercic (Apex.AI)
  • Joe Speed (ADLINK)
  • Daisuke Tanaka (AWF)
  • Akihiko Tsukuda (eSOL)
  • Josh Whitley (AWF)
  • Yang Zhang (Linaro)

Minutes: Geoffrey Biggs

Potential new ODD: Indy Autonomous Challenge (racing)

  • Motion from Apex to delay voting until the next TSC meeting
    • Seconded by ADLINK
    • Motion passed with no objections
  • Presentation on IAC background from ADLINK
    • + ROS2 Foxy go racing.pdf (2.5 MB)
    • Question: How many IAC participants?
      • Answer: About 550
    • Question: Do they want Autoware.Auto?
      • Answer: A few groups yes, for the others it is unknown
    • Question: Do they use ROS2
      • Answer: Almost all of them
  • Presentation on relative technical aspects of autonomous cargo delivery ODD and IAC ODD
    • ODD Comparison.pdf (210.1 KB)
    • Apex.AI: We can’t just jump from AVP ODD to Cargo Delivery ODD. The group working on ASWG has strained itself too much in the last 1 year. Now we need to first boost the community and go into a more sustainable mode. Possible options:
      • AWF members summon enough financial contributions / FTEs to have a 10 developers team be built around Josh Whitley
      • We change the ODD to autonomous racing and enter the IAC challenge. This will bring up the popularity and more developers.
    • AWF Board (Shinpei): Why can’t we do both, Cargo Delivery ODD and support students in the IAC challenge?
      • Apex.AI: Because of the above mentioned resource shortage.
  • Free Discussion
    • Several members expressed their support for being involved in the IAC in some way, particularly as it would increase exposure of the AWF.
    • Other members prefer the current target ODD as they are focused on commercialisation opportunities and see no benefit to their commercial activities from the IAC.
    • Josh Whitley: We need to think about what the ultimate goals are of the work being done in AWF. See the charter, “Mission and Scope of the Autoware Foundation”. The AWF is focused on open source software, not commercialisation or supporting members’ commercial activities.
  • Suggested next actions:
    • Ask Josh Whitley and Joe Speed to figure out exactly what functionality the IAC participants would want from Autoware.Auto (e.g. development environment, tools, drivers, algorithms, ECU support, …). For example, could Joe Speed do a mini survey in the IAC slack? This will let us figure out what resources we would need.
    • Could Mapless.AI comment on what functionality the IAC participants would want from Autoware.Auto?
    • Fill in this form and score the options: IAC Opportunity.pdf (69.8 KB)