Feel the need for Noetic speed with Isaac ROS NITROS bridge (webinar)

On Oct 30th at 8am PDT, we will be hosting a webinar on bringing accelerated computing to ROS Noetic, or any other ROS version using the Isaac ROS NITROS bridge.


Accelerated computing is essential to move beyond the limits of single threaded performance on a CPU. To take advantage of this, it may not be practical to migrate to a new version of ROS 2 supporting accelerated computing for robotics applications that were developed previously.

The Isaac ROS NITROS bridge brings the value of accelerated computing directly into versions of ROS that don’t have it. This will be available in the upcoming Isaac ROS release at ROSCon.

Webinar will be available on demand a few days after.


With the awesome ROSCon 2023 a wrap :fireworks:, a reminder for this webinar next Monday.

Bring accelerated computing to your existing ROS applications.

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