Isaac ROS Nov update, hardware acceleration for autonomous robots

Isaac ROS which includes hardware accelerated ROS2 Foxy packages for AI perception with image processing and deep learning, includes the following updates:

  • new state of the art CenterPose DNN Inference package for category level object pose estimation

  • updated license for distribution in commercial applications
  • hardware in the loop simulation on Jetson (Isaac ROS ↔ Isaac SIM) with a walkthrough included for setup.
  • bug fixes

Isaac ROS incremental update is available now at Clone the repositories you need into your ROS workspace to build from source with colcon alongside your other ROS2 packages. Please note that this release has been tested on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier with JetPack 4.6.


@ggrigor Great work :exclamation:

do you have any future plan or milestone with next ROS Release Humble in public?


Yes, and thank you.

We are working with Open Robotics on improvements for hardware acceleration, which will be part of the ROS2 Humble release in May 2022. Our release is targeted for early June after Humble ships and will include hardware acceleration pipelines between ROS nodes.

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Thanks for updating the license to support commercial applications!

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