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Fleet management system

Hi ROS community,

I am about to develop a robot fleet management from scratch. Let’s discuss and gather informations about.

Let’s suppose a robot fleet management that contains an API, interface, and fleet management algorithms to assign tasks, track robots, algorithms for shortest-path …etc.

So there are many questions like from where should we start ? what type of Architecture can we use ? what are the performance indexes for a fleet management ? parameters that influence the performance of a fleet manager ? …

It would also be also helpfull if you can provide documentations, architechture examples or anything that can help me.


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I am about to develop a robot fleet management from scratch.

what about taking advantage of other existed framework? there are already bunch of fleet control system such as AWS RoboMaker, and Kubernetes.

do you have any additional requirement that applies to only robotics system? I am really interested in this.

algorithms to assign tasks, track robots, algorithms for shortest-path

sounds to me more application layer stuff dependent on use case and product.

anyway, i am willing to share information.


There is Robotics Middleware Framework (RMF) based on ROS2 you should probably have a look at. @tomoyafujita @Youssef_Lahrouni



you mean ?

is there any actual use case or experience in the market that you could share? that would be really appreciated.


@tomoyafujita Open Source Robotics Middleware Framework for Healthcare - Morgan Quigley this might give an introduction if you haven’t found it yourself sofar.


Greetings! To my knowledge, rmf_core has not yet been deployed into an operational scenario. It’s under very heavy development “in the open” with source code available on GitHub, along with its companion repos such as traffic-editor, free_fleet, and various peripheral and hardware integrations (some open, some closed due to various reasons).

We are working on it both in simulation and in hardware. Right behind me as I type this, there are two robots from two different vendors going back and forth, taking turns through automatic doors and simulated elevators that are controlled by this system :door: :robot:



@Youssef_Lahrouni - I would take a look at Freedom Robotics fleet management tools. They do the undifferentiated heavy lifting of fleet management for robotics and its built in a way to be built on top of - give it a try. Here’s their docs.

If you’re talking about task planning for multi-robot systems, this is not something they directly provide - but can be built on our APIs - I’d love to chat.

Disclaimer: I work for Freedom Robotics. :slight_smile:

I have to enter my credit card information for a two week free demo and afterwards you bill me 59$/robot/month? That’s a perfect way to reduce my interest in the software to zero.
Two weeks is really short to test a complex software and I really don’t like that I have to provide a credit card up front.
Have you thought about offering a free version, that e.g. only supports fleets up to 5 robots?

" Full descriptions of the features of our Standard, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans are available by navigating to MENU → TEAM SETTINGS and clicking SELECT PLAN ."
Does that mean that I have to install the software to find out how the plans work?

Hi @NikolasE, thank you for pointing this out and sorry I did not respond to this sooner. Right now we are offering promotions for people to be able to use our product on 1 robot for a year for free.

Regarding the credit card information, we use that to avoid having fake users/spam accounts because our team is dedicated to providing active support to all new signups. We always offer a 2 weeks free trial or in some cases we have extended promotions so companies can evaluate our product before having to pay.

We are in a stage where we want people to get excited using our product and see us as a tool and partner as things grow and scale. I really appreciate the candid feedback and we will take that into account as we evolve our pricing/trialing model in the future! Keep the feedback coming. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. I created an account, but did not use it. After my two weeks now have passed, I see this

" You currently have 0 active devices
You will be billed for a 1-device minimum"

That is exactly the reason why I didn’t provide my credit card information. Would I have had to pay for one device even if I stopped using the software on any robot after the two week period?

@NikolasE there are a number of other companies helping solve the challenge around remote robot management as well. These include Formant (, InOrbit ( and Rocos ( We’re all investing heavily to help robotics companies scale faster. You can get trials up and running with each of these to review suitability for your project.

Disclaimer: I’m from Rocos.

Hi @DavidIn,
I didn’t find pricing link in as for
Could you please give me a link where I can found pricing information for rocos ? Or if you can just give me an idea about the price/robot/month.


Instead of developing a new Fleet Manager from scratch I would use an open source one (check and write a ROS interface for it.