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Full Red Hat Documentary on ROS / Open Robotics / Willow Garage Released

Full Red Hat Documentary on ROS Released

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Hi Everyone,

I am happy to announce that Red Hat just released their full five part documentary about the history of ROS. The documentary is called, “How to Start a Robot Revolution” and is part of an on-going documentary series called Open Source Stories. This documentary has been a year in the making and was initially supposed to be released back in April but it was postponed due to the pandemic. You should see a number of familiar faces in the documentary along with a full account of the history of ROS at Willow Garage. If you are unfamiliar with the history of ROS this is a great chance to learn about how we got here and the people behind ROS.


Wow, I just saw the first part and the realization is really impressive, and ROS history is really cool. Worth every second. :slight_smile:

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I have the feeling I saw something with the same name like a (half?) year ago. Was that a shorter version?

Really great series and awesome production quality! Only wish I was in college circa Willow to be an intern :wink: It got me thinking about what a project would be that I’d work on…

  • arson-o-bot: A PR2 that drives at full speed and randomly sets fires. For training firefighters, of course.
  • delivery-bot: A PR2 to open doors and get packages from UPS/Fedex and deliver them to the right people’s desks
  • espresso-mate: A PR2 that can make a mean latte with a turtle-shaped latte design

That was the first part, as a preview.

Let’s ROS2-ify everything :smirk: