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Gazebo support for ros2_control breakout session

Hello there,

Our last ros2_control WG meeting asked for a more in-depth discussions regarding Gazebo support.
We decided to create a separate breakout session for this which will take place on 2021-01-20T18:00:00Z.

Come prepared! There will be no time for a summary of the framework so please familiarize yourself with ros2_control, specifically controller_manager, SystemInterface, SensorInterface and ActuatorInterface.
For more background on Gazebo, make sure to read this PR: gazebo_ros2_control#44

The direct link to the meeting is this one:

But also feel free to add the event from the ROS Events calendar:
note that the calendar uses PST:

See you there,

Note: Sometimes, Google Meet links don’t persist. I’ll try to ensure that the link above is up to date, but in case you can’t find people in the meeting room, double check the link on the calendar event, that is the right place.


Thank you @bmagyar for organizing the meeting.

I will leave here the link the current open PR where the new API of ros2_control is added to gazebo_ros2_control.

I created a simple demo with moveit2 and gazebo_ros2_control:

There is a Dockerfile to test all the examples here. You can find some more details in the


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Feel free to add your agenda points to our regular meeting doc: