Getting the micro-ROS demos to run on Renesas EK-RA6M5


I’ve been trying to get the micro-ROS demos from here working: GitHub - micro-ROS/micro_ros_renesas2estudio_component: A set of utilities for integrating micro-ROS in a Renesas e2 studio project

I got this specific hardware kit because I saw that it was the recommended choice here: Supported Hardware | micro-ROS

Getting the IDE to work with the micro-ROS examples has been pretty tricky, unfortunately.
Wrote some more about the specific issues I’m having here: Getting Started with micro-ROS and Renesas EK-RA6M5 - e2studio - Forum - e2studio IDE - Renesas Community

Does anyone have a working version of e2studio with the examples up and running?
Any tips on how to proceed? Feeling pretty stuck at the moment…


This could be related to your FSP version, note that micro-ROS supports up to FSP v3.5.0 and builds of major versions will most probably fail.

You can download the tested e2 studio version with preinstalled FSP v3.5.0 here: (From this documentation).

Also, make sure to open the FSP configuration tab (Double click on configuration.xml) at least once to setup your FSP version correctly.

Oh, I see!

I downloaded e2 studio from here at first: e² studio | Renesas
Thought there might be an issue with FSP and went looking.
Could only find it for linux here: Releases · renesas/fsp · GitHub and downloaded “the FSP with e2 studio Linux AppImage for this release, setup_fsp_v4_3_0_e2s_v2023-01.AppImage, from here.”
And I have 2 editors now…

Can you install FSP separately from the editor? Is the github releases page I mentioned before the right place?

Got the instructions for installing more FSP versions without more editors for another forum thread already :slight_smile:

Have you had any issues with the debugger in e2studio saying “Could not connect to target” on linux even for the starter blink project?

It works fine for me on Windows after a fresh e2studio install…

I got it to work now by starting e2studio with sudo. Not sure how to fix this when no device seems to show up in /dev that you can change permissions for etc.