micro-ROS on RENESAS MCK-RA6T2 - CAN FD bus

Micro-ROS provides support for MCK-RA6T2 Renesas Flexible Motor Control Kit.

micro-ROS connects ROS 2 with the embedded world. Renesas fully integrates micro-ROS into the RA family and e2 Studio ide, the RA family of MCUs is the micro-ROS reference platform.

MCK-RA6T2 Renesas Flexible Motor Control Kit includes the RA6T2 MCU from the RA Family. It has 3-phase BLDC motor and HALL sensors. The transports supported on this board are UART and CAN/FD.

Check this demo and learn how to control and monitor the speed of the MCK-RA6T2 development board motor using ROS2 with micro-ROS, communicating via CAN FD with the board.
Demo repository: https://github.com/micro-ROS/micro_ros_renesas_demos