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micro-ROS on M5Stack

Dear micro-ROS users.

I wanted to create a micro-ROS application that runs on M5Stack.
I had a hard time because M5Stack does not support esp-idf 4.x, but I managed to do it.
I’ve published it in the repository, so my friends who want to enjoy micro-ROS with M5Stack are welcome to try it.

ros2 run micro_ros_setup freertos esp32
ros2 run micro_ros_setup m5stack_demo <options>

Hi @nomumu

Good work! Thanks for the contribution.

If you want to contribute further and integrate your work to the official repositories, please open a PR. It would be great!

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Hi @mamerian

Thank you for your reply!

I will check if the content is suitable to be posted in the official repository and try to open a PR for it.

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Hello @nomumu, do you have plans to PR this M5Stack support to official repos?


I’m keen to explore this code as a ROS2 newbie. Inclusion in the official repo would be great IMHO.

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When I reviewed my code for PR, I came up with a couple of fixes.
I haven’t been able to find the time to improve it, so it’s been on hiatus, but since I got some nice comments, I think I’ll make an effort to devote some time to it. I think I’ll try it over the New Year vacations.