GSoC Project Idea not listed on OSRF ideas list: ROS4HRI

Hi all,

I had a specific Google Summer of Code project in mind that wasn’t listed on the OSRF project ideas list.

Mainly, I wanted to see if there were any additional things I (or anyone else with an idea not on the list) need to do prior to applying. For example, should I find a specific OSRF mentor and contact them with the details of the project? Does the project idea need to be discussed or approved before I apply?

Regarding the specifics of the project, I wanted to build upon @severin-lemaignan 's REP-155 & ROS4HRI work by one or more of the following:

  • Finding/creating plugins for relevant functions that are currently not in ROS4HRI like sound source localization, multiple human tracking, multimodal sensor fusion, or speech recognition
  • Ensuring they meet REP-155 standards
  • Creating additional configuration/launch files/tutorials/documentation for common HRI sensors
  • Creating documentation and tutorials for HRI in ROS

I wanted to see if this was a good fit and worth pursuing as a GSoC project; if so, is there anything I should do since it isn’t on the ideas list?


Hi @RoboAv8r , strictly speaking no need to find a mentor in advance and no need to be approved. However, it would be great to discuss it with a potential mentor if somebody has the time to do it before the application deadline.

Nothing specific to do, you can include your idea in the application as if it would be in the ideas list. This is just an extra opportunity to give some visibility to your idea and discuss it further if there’s interest.

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