How are changelogs generated and why are they so out of date?

Sometimes I find the courage to click the Changelog link in pages for individual packages. However, it has never happened yet that I’d be presented with an up-to-date changelog. E.g. points to Changelog for package message_filters, which has latest release 1.15.9. However, the latest entry in message_filters changelog on github is 1.15.14. Wouldn’t it be better to link directly to the changelogs on github? Or why is it that the wiki changelogs are so out-of-date?

There are no changes in the changelog recently. It’s possible that there’s an issue with the pipeline which should be ticketed on ros_buildfarm with respect to this code. As I see it ran the generator last week: 03:54:00 Package 'message_filters' contains a CHANGELOG.rst, generating html However I expect that the docutils html writer may be omitting empty entries beyond the non-zero entries.

I recommend using for general reference now. The changelog is rendered correctly there.

Are the changelogs perhaps generated only when ros-distro-package installers are created? I recently released a package which is without a distro installer yet, and the wiki changelog just points to a non-existent page.

There are some problems on as well - the RosEco link for any package points to… “”.

No, they’re generated by the documentation jobs that I linked to. If your package listing has not enabled documentation jobs in the rosdistro they will not be there. Without a name and a distro I can’t say much about what’s expected. Doc jobs also only poll every 3 days to keep the load down. Please open a ticket if you think there’s an actual problem.

That’s what’s expected but confusing name. It’s a community provided/contributed webapp from the github user http404error It looks like there might be an issue with it rendering properly.

I opened a ticket upstream: Page render fails with Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getParents') · Issue #23 · http404error/roseco · GitHub There doesn’t seem to have been much activity there recently. If it can’t be updated or resolved we should likely turn off generating those links.

It is probably broken even more. For example robot_body_filter - ROS Wiki is released into Noetic and has a doc job enabled. But the changelog is not there at all: . However, the doc job log says it was processed and generated: Ndoc__robot_body_filter__ubuntu_focal_amd64 #8 Console [Jenkins]

My usual workflow is reading the new packages announcements here on discourse, clicking the links which lead to, and trying to find out what’s actually new. If the Changelog links worked and the changelogs were up-to-date, it would simplify the workflow (right now I tend to click to the github repo link and find the changelog manually, which is cumbersome; sounds like a nice alternative, but there is no direct link to the index page from the wiki page, so it would require typing which is not as friendly as just clicking a link).

Should we move this discussion to a ros_buildfarm github issue?

Hmm that’s odd. It will definitely take a little bit more digging.

That would be great.

Okay, let’s continue here: ROS 1 wiki package changelogs are outdated or missing · Issue #933 · ros-infrastructure/ros_buildfarm · GitHub

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A related question: is it possible to get the documentation generator to use the package Doxyfile?

Please ask questions on and when you do please try to be more complete in what you mean by “the package Doxyfile” and include references to what you’ve already tried and what you couldn’t make work.

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