Unified Changelog/Report for synchronized ROS package releases

I was encouraged to move my question from ros answers over here: How could I assemble the correct Changelog entries of all the packages that are released by some maintainer and distributed via e.g. apt-get?
I have a html-page in mind, listing all the updated packages, the old version, the new version and the changes.

I’ve already answered your ROS Answers question, so I won’t repeat that here.

Reason I suggested to post here is that in the context of the initiatives of the ROSIN Quality Working group this may be something to take a look at.

@tfoote may have an idea how / whether what you suggest would be something that could be automated (I suspect it would be). I can imagine a new Jenkins job on the ROS buildfarm that takes in info about to be synced / recently synced packages, gathers the changelogs, aggregates them and publishes it somewhere.

Something similar to that (but without the changelogs) can be found at repositories.ros.org/status_page. Perhaps the output of the job that I described above could be something similar.

Is there a list for ROS2 as well?

Slightly off-topic, but yes: repo.ros2.org/status_page.

These pages are generated as part of the ‘standard’ ROS buildfarm deployment setup. The ROS2 buildfarm is also a ros_buildfarm deployment (with some customisation iirc).

I am sorry for that. Thx.

The difference is computed here: reprepro-updater/scripts/diff_packages.py at refactor · ros-infrastructure/reprepro-updater · GitHub

If you’d like to extend that script that would be great. Though we do want to be careful about adding runtime dependencies on resources that might not be made available on all deployments of the buildfarm or will cause significant slowdowns.

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@tfoote: thanks for the pointer.

@stfn: would this be something you could work with / on? Perhaps some discussion about a possible implementation would be good. This could be a nice addition to the quality initiatives discussed in the QWGs.