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How can I help with Noetic

Hi all. I have a vested interest in my company’s robot code transitioning to Python3 as that would make a number of things easier across the organization. To that end I would like to help out with the release of Noetic to help build institutional knowledge and drive quick adoption of Noetic at my company.

How can I help with this effort? What kind of help is needed with migration of core packages? What about 3rd party packages? I’m a tad lost as to how to get started and would appreciate some guidance.

That’s great! There are lots of ways you can help. There is a guide to transition a package to Python 3 on the ros wiki [1]. The last page has ways you can help in general [2]. I recommend trying it on packages you and your company maintain first. While it has had a few reviewers, I think this is the first time it’s been linked publicly, so if you have a wiki account please fix any issues you find.

You might be interested in the draft plan to support Python 3 in ROS 1 [3]. Giving feedback on it is good way to make sure the Noetic release will work for you.

If you’re looking for repos that need help now, packages compatible with Python 3 are being tracked with a source entry in the noetic/distribution.yaml file [4]. The buildfarm has a page that shows which repositories could be worked on next [5].


Excellent. Thank you for the resources. I will try to educate myself on this soon.